Sunday, June 13, 2010

these are my fantasy.

Its not an Ecstasy

Its just fantasy of mine.

I'm dreaming about a billion wonderful things in this world.

I'm liking everything.

I'm talking to myself, it doesn't mean I'm a crazy.

In my own world inside my head, I can have unlimited fantasy, such as:

I feel I'm loved by somebody.

I feel I'm happy when strangers stared at me, even in reality none stare at me.

I fell there is someone watching me while sleeping every night, and kiss my forehead.

I feel I love somebody, even its hard for me to have crush to somebody.

I always feel I'm happy, but when I realized there are a lot of pains torture my soul.

I feel I have freedom, I could do everything. everything. just in my own fantasy.

I feel I could have a great conversation with Orlando Bloom, Matt Lanter, Richard Gere, and Mitch Hewer, or Dev Patel.

I feel like Dj.Noxx, my lovely uncle, care with me. and want me as his daughter.

I feel like nobody hates me , or doesn't sneaking behind my back. because its hurt.


the most fantasy I could have is I feel I still can talk with my father. My dad. I could dance with him. I could hug him.


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