Thursday, July 29, 2010

everybody, lets rosary everyday, and Mother Marry heals your sores

Pray it loud!! Pray it loud to the Lord, to the saint Marry mother of God. Nothing is impossible.
Lets praying everyday, everytime, even you are atheist, or agnostic, or paganism. Praying is not always to the God you believe, you still can pray to the thing you believe in (for atheist or agnostic), no one doesn't have something to believe, atheist has one. they are just not consider it yet, haha

Okay, I'm not a religious person, I always lazy to pray. these days, i think i've been quite far to Jesus and Mother Marry, I've been so long not to talk with them.

Now, when I already got pox, when the bumps left me many scars which make my skins so disgusting I come back to the track.
few days a go, i start to make commitment that i have to rosary everyday.
why? yeah, besides the pox, I have so many problem need to be solved.
i ask Saint Mary to help me on my all problems.

And I feel so miss talk to them.
when i rosary, i talk to Mother Marry and Jesus. There is a strong power when you rosary everyday, it gives you something spiritual. I can't explain it, i just feel it. Try it!!
maybe, i look like a hypocrite,
because i only come to Mother Marry when I already had problems.
I know, I such a jerk!! i hate myself.
i go to the church every week, it doesnt mean i talk to the Lord.
learn from my past experience, praying rosary everyday helps a lot your wishes.
and there is a moment, an intimate moment between you and Mother Marry.
and that moment will make you feel more closer to Mother Marry.

I'm catholic, i proud to have Mother Marry who is my bridge to the Lord.

pray as often as possible, because prayer change everything.
trust me!!!
lets pray to our God, no matter what your God is,
if you are Catholic, just try to rosary everyday, Mother Marry never sleeps, she always beside you to heal your sores, and makes your wishes come true.

I love you Saint Marry. You are the best mom ever!!

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